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The What’s Next? Guy – Paul Cronin

I am called the What’s Next? Guy, because I help business owners discover What’s Next? for their business and their life. Contact me at 781-590-5216 or info@theplatinumyears.com

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I help buyers and sellers of businesses find the right match through my work at SuccessionMatching. We have helped many, many business owners and business buyers since 2010.

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If you’re unsure of what to do with your business, a great first step is the What’s Next Self-Assessment. A three-part program of self-reflection.whats-next-self-assessment

If you have decided what to do with your business and perhaps are leaving it soon (or have already left it), maybe you are unsure what to do next in life (beside go on vacation or lie on a beach). You owe it to yourself to spend time thinking deeply about creating purposeful life. The image below is a Framework for Purposeful Living.

The LIVE program – Living an Exciting and Purposeful Life, is a private coaching program that has helped many owners around the world for 10 years. Framework Purposeful Living