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What’s Next? Self-Assessment

Introducing the What’s Next? Self-Assessment™

A proven, innovative questionnaire and instant report that helps you address the emotional issues and concerns about the future of your business and your life.

  1. Is it time to transition to retirement and consider the next phase of your life?
  2. Perhaps you need a business succession plan, or you may be ready to sell your business?

Our programs contain the tools to assist you with business succession and life transition planning. Our guidance and advice will help ensure a smooth transition to a dynamic retired life filled with purpose and significance.

wnsa-big_logoThis secure, online Self-Assessment and additional Bonus Tools deliver refreshing clarity, knowledge and empowerment so you can:

1. Understand where you’re at in terms of your attitude and expectations towards the transition process.
2. Foresee the road-blocks and self-correct if necessary.
3. Think through your goals, objectives and the impact they may have on your life and the lives of your loved ones
4. Embrace what’s possible and start to map out your fulfilling new future
5. Make sound, planned decisions moving forward with peace-of-mind
6. Save everyone time, money and frustration by avoiding indecision and “seller’s remorse”

Get Instant Report + 2 Bonus Tools

Whats Next Self Assesment

Get a copy of Finding Your New Owner, the highly acclaimed book by Jack Beauregard.


An instant download of the Self-Discovery Guidebook, featuring pages of step-by-step due diligence, ideas and exercises to help business owners get answers and learn from examples.

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