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Next to starting a career or a business, deciding how you will leave it may be the most important decision in your life.

A comprehensive series of programs and training tools to identify potential opportunities, options and solutions using a systematic and holistic approach that busy professionals like you expect.

3 ways we help with your outlook on this exciting new chapter of your life:

Self-Directed Learning
This series of proven, proprietary assessments and programs are designed to help 50+ Baby Boomers like you successfully answer two key questions:
1. Who am I outside of my current or prior career?
2. What do I really want to do now and in this next chapter of my life?
For people aged 50+ to learn how to experience meaning and fulfill their life’s purpose by exploring new opportunities, adventures, challenges, and a dynamic lifestyle. These workshops–based on personal insights, experiences and years of working with baby boomers–can help you plan the transition from your current mindset into the next chapter of your life.
Private Coaching
For business owners and other baby boomers who know “traditional” retirement is out of the question, we’ve developed a series of private coaching programs to help clarify your next steps and answer inevitable questions such as:
  1. What do I want to do with my life after I leave my company?
  2. Where will I find new meaning when I no longer run an organization?
  3. What do I want to do with my business?