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EXPLORE Coaching Program

Clarity and peace-of-mind about “the unknowns” for late career professionals.

The EXPLORE Coaching™ Program provides a process that helps you navigate the murky waters of transitioning out of your current position.

The program shows you how start a process for exploring new ideas and how to address your concerns about the next stage of your life. Using proven methodology, the program:

  • Delivers peace-of-mind
  • Helps you define your life today and after your full-time career
  • Helps you embrace the transition you are going to enter into
  • Enables you to start planning for a life that you have consciously designed

What you can expect with the EXPLORE Coaching™ Program?

EXPLORE Coaching™ helps late career professionals learn to start a process for exploring new ideas and addressing their concerns about their next stage of life. This proprietary methodology delivers peace-of-mind to professionals who want to define their life today and after their full-time career. You can replace the Golden Years with The Platinum Years℠.

EXPLORE Coaching™ was created by the Successful Transition Planning Institute (STPI) of Cambridge, Massachusetts. At STPI, we have been helping professionals such as you make smart transitions for many years.

To help you get moving, the Platinum Transitions Program offers you proven set of tools with guidance from an STPI-trained consultant. The EXPLORE Coaching™ Program includes:

  1. The EXPLORE Guide – “How to avoid retirement remorse and ‘push start’ on a successful business and personal transition.”
  2. Quick online Questionnaire and Report – provides clarity about where you are and where you are headed.
  3. Decision-Making Questionnaire and Report – informs you of your special strengths, how you can use them in making future decisions, and what to avoid.
  4. Comprehensive 24-page Whitepaper – “The Power of Personal Transition Planning:  How to Successfully Move into the Next Stage of Your Life”
  5. Guided Coaching Sessions 

Let’s get started.

For more information, please contact Paul Cronin: paul@thenexttransition.com