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Decide Program

What do you want to do with your business?

Create and implement a successful Business Transition Strategy with the decide program.

In this program, we help you become intellectually and emotionally prepared for the Business Transition Process. We give you the tools to analyze then decide on your best options, showing you how to make your company ready for transition to new owners, how to move through the emotional obstacles that might arise during the business transition process, and then develop your Business Transition Goals.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Business Transition Process
  3. The Business Transition is an Emotional Process
  4. The Business Transition Process has two aspects
  5. Clarifying where you are now
  6. Transition Thinking about your company’s future
  7. How much time will the Business Transition Process take?
  8. Defining a Successful Business Transition
  9. Unsuccessful approaches to the Business Transition Process
  10. How this Program will help you plan for and implement your successful Business Transition
  1. Introduction
  2. Transforming your Business Transition-related Fears
  3. Your Behavioral Style
  4. More Transition Thinking about your future
  5. Creating a successful Business Transition: Process Goals and Outcome Goals
  6. Creating your Transition Outcome Goals (Personal, Business and Financial)
  1. Introduction
  2. Can your company run successfully without you?
  3. Envisioning your ideal New Owner
  4. Your Options for finding the best New Owner
  5. Why increase your company’s value?
  6. Preparing your company for the Business Transition Process
  7. Process Goals for a successful Business Transition
  1. Introduction
  2. Where are you now in the Business Transition Process?
  3. Creating your Business Transition Strategic Plan
  4. Where are you now in creating/implementing your Strategic Plan?
  5. Types of Advisors who can help you
  6. How to find the Advisors you need
  7. Getting ready to create your Business Transition Strategic Plan
  8. Your next steps: The “Certificate of Completion”

Next Steps

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