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What trips up healthcare practice owners (and other business owners when they think about selling their business (video podcast)

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Dave Kittle Show


I had a blast on the Dave Kittle Show.  I hope you enjoy it.  Click the pic here or the link below.  Here is what we will cover:

Are you a private owner who isn’t sure about selling their practice because of the fear of retirement to a change in lifestyle that holds you back? How will you prepare yourself with all of these issues – from preparing you and the business for sale in order to come up with the right strategy that finds the right buyers for your business?

We will touch on such topics as:
– What are the biggest barriers, hurdles, or things that trip up private practice owners or physical therapy practice owners when they go to consider or think about exiting or selling?
– There’s really two parts of selling your business: transactional and transition.
– Sellers should be willing to spend time to address those fears to a trusted advisor they can speak with.
– When you look at all other aspects of your life, what tends to happen is that intellectual work becomes less important when you slowly divert yourself from your business.
– What are some ways that owners can counteract their fears about this whole selling or exiting process?
– How does your fear have a negative impact on your thinking about your future in retirement? What positive statement can you use to counter this fear?
– What are the three Gs?
– Selling your business is an emotional process and there’s a psychological competent involved.

or Click here to watch the show:  (30 minutes)


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