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ValuDriver System- a book for any business owner | Selling a Business

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book_coverMost books that say they will help you make your business salable, are really built for bigger firms than the average Main street business.  ValuDrive System by Tom Gledhill is not one of those, instead it is a straightforward way for any business owner to see their business for what it is (or should be), an asset to be sold, or just a job for you to make a living.

Tom is a real business owner turned business broker, so he knows what he is talking about.  He cuts through the usual business school mumbo-jumbo. Business owners will learn what business buyers and business brokers want to know about the business, and most importantly what actually creates value in a business.

You will rate your company and its various systems (or lack thereof), as well as competition and your industry.  Using these scores, you can see objectively where your firm excels and where you need to improve to make you business seem valuable to others.


What are the core Value Drivers you ask?  Here goes:







Cash Flow




Financial Presentation




Intellectual Property

I encourage any business owner to buy this book, and more importantly, start investing your time and energy in making your business valuable and transferable.  Tom Gledhill can be contacted info@valudriversystem.com


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