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JackBeauregardHeadshot1It would have been far simpler to ease up at age 63, as many of his fellow Baby Boomers were doing.  Instead, in 2008 Jack Beauregard formed a new business, and much, much more.

For many years before 2008, Jack had been running Innervision Associates, focusing on the people issues in the corporate world.  Jack would be brought in by major companies who were buying smaller firms and looking to integrate the new people to the larger firm.  Sometimes it went well, and other times it did not.

What Jack often saw was that the leaders of the acquired firms struggled within the new organization.  At times, Jack would find a pre-merger situation, where a CEO might throw up issues to delay to the acquisition, because they had not thought through “life after the merger”, or the much harder issues of “life after leaving the new firm”.

At this point, Jack could have simply counted his blessings and said “enough”.  Friends of his were certainly doing so. But something inside him was burning – he needed to dig deeper into why people were not planning for their future – even when they knew that their careers would eventually end and/or change (as has happened for generations).

Jack’s solution could have been to write blogs or a book and go on the speaker circuit.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but he wanted find a way to permanently share his message that this time of life didn’t need to be the boring Golden Years*, instead, that people could turn this time of life into their most vibrant, creative and even exciting 10-20-30 years.  That’s why he coined the term, The Platinum Years®.

So in the past eight years, here’s what Jack has done (so far):

  1. Founded the Successful Transition Planning Institute

  2. Found a business partner: Paul Cronin (me)

  3. Written the acclaimed book:  Finding Your New Owner:  For Your Business, For Your Life

  4. Written the forthcoming book: “Freedom to Be Your True Self”

  5. Written multiple blogs

  6. Spoken at national business conventions and multiple local and regional events

  7. Created 25 products including online assessments, programs of self-reflection, workshops and private coaching programs

  8. Created a methodology to train advisors, coaches and consultants to implement the produts

  9. Trained a community of over 30 professional Transition Planning Consultants and Transition Advisors who implement the programs in five countries

In other words, Jack has done in eight years what most of us would’ve needed a lifetime to accomplish.  Jack would be the first to say that he didn’t do all of this alone, but it’s also fair to say none of this would have happened without him.

Would you be so brave, so unrelenting, especially when you might have easier options?  Even at age 55, I am not sure I could do so (but I must say that it has been a blast to be on this ride).

*The Golden Years was originally a marketing gimmick to sell retirement communities in Florida and Arizona.

If you are over age 50 and wondering what you might do next, take a look at the free “How Ready Are You? Assessment™, by clicking the image link or link below:

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