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Speaker: Jack Beauregard

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Learn about creating a dynamic new future in The Platinum Years®

Below are a few programs that make ideal seminars, forum series or keynote addresses:

“Finding Your New Owner:  For Your Business, For Your Life”

On the average, eighty percent of business owners’ net worth is an illiquid asset that is tied up in their companies.  This asset represents money that they will need to fund the next chapter of their lives.

This presentation is designed to help owners wrap their hearts and minds around the very thought of leaving their companies.  Jack Beauregard shows business owners and their advisors how to use an “integrated transition planning process” to achieve superior transition results.

“The Platinum Years Alternative:  How You Can Create a New Meaningful Stage of Your Life”
(a keynote speech for corporate executives and professionals)

This non-financial retirement planning program shows you how to explore new personal opportunities, to discover the next big adventure in your life, live a dynamic lifestyle, and discover new challenges for you to meet.

In this inspiring and transformative presentation, nationally-recognized life-transitions expert Jack Beauregard explains how Baby Boomers  can use their “Platinum Years” — an active 10-20-30 years between work and retirement—to create an exciting, meaningful new stage of life.

“Transforming Traditional Retirement to the Platinum Years”
(for Members of your Association)

Would you like to provide an additional value proposition to your members by addressing the need for your members to plan for a business and personal transition?

Would your association want to help owners do something better than dying at their desks?  This is important, since if the business dies with the owner, your association has fewer members, your industry suffers, their families’ wealth is destroyed, employees lose their jobs, and communities suffer.

By providing a program that brings clarity to business owners’ succession plans, your association will benefit after they retire, since they will have the time, money and wisdom to share with their successors (your new members).

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