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Finding Your New Owner

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Finding Your New Owner:

The Book For Your Business, For Your Life

If you’re a business owner over the age of 50 this book could save your business, your wealth and your life. You may not believe it now, but you will leave your business someday. Your choice is simple: plan for it on your terms or have others plan it for you.

By using the “Transition Thinking” that you will learn about in this book, plus the help of a “DreamTeam” of advisors that you’ll assemble, you can envision, plan and implement a successful transition to a new, dynamic life full of meaning and purpose. This book shows you how.

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What other experts are saying about the book:

As the original exit planning coach, I have run into a lot of tools that make exit planning easier when working through its maze. Finding Your New Owner-For Your Business, For Your Life is one of those tools. It greatly helps business owners navigate one of the most important three aspects of exit planning. It is a tool on how and why you should develop an exit plan from a personal level. This level is overlooked by most advisors and business owners, but this step is one of the most important ones. I recommend using this tool as one of the first steps in the process. All good exit plans should revolve around the business owner's personal and business goals. This exercise is definitely one that qualifies for the purpose of establishing those personal goals. I recommend its usage``

Peter G. Christman, CEPA, CEO of The Christman Group, as well as co-founder of The Exit Planning Institute

In Finding Your New Owner, Jack Beauregard shares with sensitivity and unique insight the steps required for transitioning yourself away from your business. For those who are struggling with what to do next with their life, Jack offers a wealth of ideas and a step-by-step approach to figuring it out and making it happen. Every boomer business owner should read this book!

Wayne Vanwyck, Founder and CEO, The Achievement Centre International and author of The Business Transition Crisis: Plan Your Succession Now and Beat the Biggest Business Selloff in History

In Finding Your New Owner is a must-read for any business owner and his or her spouse or significant other. The book makes sense and is a call to action. I will certainly be recommending it to my clients.

Jerry Socol, Founder of The Socol Group, five-time CEO including a $900 million public company

This book Finding Your New Owner helps business owners ask the tough questions and forces them to work ON their business, not just IN it. A great read with long-term impact!

Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder and CEO, Mavens & Moguls