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7 Principles for Living With Authenticity

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7 Principles for Living With Authenticity

Discover your true self when facing life changes

​In today’s fast-paced world, the effect of inevitable life changes on our identities has never been more amplified. From divorce and loss of loved ones, to job instability, career change, or retirement, it’s no wonder people of all ages are experiencing epic levels of “identity crises.”

  • ​Do you want to live an authentic life?
  • Are you someone who has been successful in your work life, but now you’re wondering “Who am I?”
  • Are you going through a major life transition and want – more than anything – to be true to yourself in this next chapter of your life?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then this book is for you.


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What other experts are saying about the book:

“The way Jack has personally pulled his experience into the book is very powerful for people who are struggling with trying to make the next transition, but are being held back from past mental models, and lack of understanding who they are outside of the business. I have read many self-help books, and do not know of any that ‘cut to the heart of the issue’ as this book has. It is practical and insightful, and the worksheets at the end of the chapters really help drive the concept.”

Dave Sinclair, Edmonton, Canada

“7 Principles for Living with Authenticity is the ideal guidebook for anyone who feels there may be more to life and who is looking for a structured, easy to follow approach to guide their personal exploration. It comes at a time where ever increasing numbers of us grapple with transitions - from full-time work or business to the next phase of their lives, empty nesters, career transitions and so on – when our old identity is called into question and we re-evaluate what really matters in life. Jack has applied lessons learned from his own life experiences in finding his true self to create a unique and practical self-help process. His seven principles to leading an authentic life are explained by reference to the latest scientific discoveries and everyday examples, thus enabling the reader to easily understand and identify with them. Jack’s simple yet effective exercises provide a roadmap for the path to self-discovery – once the realm of esoteric teachings, but now readily accessible to all. Put simply, in this unique book, science meets self-discovery.”

Peter McKnoulty, Transition Planning, Australia

“This is one of the best self-help books I have ever read. It challenges you to look at yourself in a way you’ve never done before. It invites you into a conversation with a very important and special person- yourself. There is a Latin adage, which translates literally as follows: “man is born free but wherever he goes he is always in chains”. Jack Beauregard; using his personal life story and solid research has raised our awareness as to what may constitute these chains and more importantly offers us a road map to true freedom.”

Simon Aidoo, Director, Transition Planning, United Kingdom

“I think this book will prove to be an extremely powerful and helpful tool for many people. I loved how the Self Discovery Checklist as I read the book – it tied in together nicely! Very positive and uplifting!”

Sandra Munier, Esq. Phoenix, Arizona