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STPI Articles

For many high-octane professionals, retirement is not an option, by Robert Weisman – Boston Globe 2018

It’s Entrepreneurial Malpractice | NOT Exit Planning, by Paul Cronin; Exit Promise January 2014

15 Ways to Leave Your Company Unsuccessfully – And How to Avoid Them (Part 2), by Paul Cronin; Exit Promise Sept. 2013

15 Ways to Leave Your Company Unsuccessfully – And How to Avoid Them (Part 1), by Paul Cronin; Exit Promise August 2013

When is the Best Time to Sell A Business? | Lessons from a Selfish Entrepreneur, by Paul Cronin; Exit Promise – June 2013

Personal Transition Planning: New Opportunities for CPA’s and their Clients, by Jack Beauregard; SUMNEWS Newsletter of the Massachusetts Society of CPA’s Inc. – Spring 2010

Exit Planning for Architects, Best Practices After leaving Your Firm, by Jack Beauregard; Banker & Tradesman – March 24, 2008

Other Articles

 Get the Most out of Planning for Transition by Bruce Stevens: Family Business Magazine

Retirement Satisfaction Statistics, by Jim Stauder “How to Plan and Sell a Business”

The Upside of Downsizing, – Merrill Lynch Newsletter, May 2014

Vital retirement lessons from the 1950s, CBS Money Watch, May 2014

Time to Think About Your Psychological Portfolio, American Psychological Assocation

Helping Clients Manage Their Time in Retirement, by Veronica Dagher – Wall Street Journal

Advice for Menino,by Boris Groysberg and Robin Abrahams – Havard Business Review

Investing So You Can Work In Retirement,by John Coughlin at MIT AgeLab

How much money do you really need to retire?, by Robert Stammers – MarketWatch/Wall Street Journal

The Dark Side of Retirement, by Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries, Harvard Business Review

Acquisitions – Buying the Right Target, by Ian Smith of The Portfolio Partnership

Leadership Transition: An Invitation to Transformation, by Bob Anderson of The Leadership Circle

The Surprising Reason Why Owners Avoid Succession Planning Strategies, by Rock LaManna Jan 2014

What Is The State Of Exit Planning?, by Josh Patrick Dec 2013

Training to Be Old – by Claudi Deutch – NY Times April 2007

The Second Tier of Management: Your Key to Freedom, David Hill of Business Nexus. Oct. 2013

The Exit Quandry: What To Do When The Family Transition Plan Blows Up, by David Hill of Business Nexus. Nov. 2013

How Social Security keeps divorcées and widows in the dark about their benefits  – PBS Newshour blog Oct 2013

Introducing the retirement commune, by Sally Abrahms (Boston Globe Magazine June 30, 2013)

9 trends for 2013 in PE and Investment Banking, pdf prepared by Axial Market

Family Business — Your Most Important Issue — Successfully Passing It On! Forbes article by Karl Moroe

“5 Ways to Prepare Your Business Before You Sell It”, by Roger Murphy

Lessons I Learned In My Writing Class, by Josh Patrick

Are ESOP’s really more complicated than other ways to sell or exit your business?,  by Craig West

Before Passing Along Valuables, Passing Along Values, by Robert Powell, Retirement Weekly and MarketWatch (Wasll Street Journal)

“Retirement, Recessions, and Older Small Business Owners”, by Tami Gurley-Calvez, Kandice Kapinos, and Donald Bruce, prepared for the US Small Business Administration

When Should The Company Founder Step Down?, by Ian Smith

Entrepreneuers say “Selling your business is an emotional rollercoaster, and life-changing event.  Take the time to do it right”  – study prepared for Newport Private Wealth in Canada

Seller’s Guide:  How to Sell a business, by BCMS advisors

How Market Strategies created an Effective Succession Planning Strategy  – by Erik Cassanno – Smart Business | sbnonline.com

To Sell a Business or Not Sell a Business, by Dave Kauppi – The Exit Strategist (2012)

The Idea Hunter  – Book review by Chris Bond of Murphy Business

Sell a Company – How is the Selling Price Detemined?, by Dave Kauppi – “The Exit Strategist” (pdf)

The Economy Stole My Retirement’  – Wall Street Journal Aug 2012

Business Buyers Negotiating Tactics – a Cautionary Tale – Dave Kauppi, The Exit Strategist at Mid Market Capital, August 2012

How to choose an M&A Advisory firm – Tony Brown, SuperTrac Advisors, July 2012

What Wasn’t Passed On, by Mary Beth Caschetta, New York Times: Modern Love, December 11, 2011.

Life after an Exit:  How Entrepreneurs Transition to the Next Stage, Nine case studies of the transition paths of highly successful busines owners, by Columbia School of Business and Credit Suisse, 2012

The Offer to Buys a Business depends on the Many Characteristics, by Dave Kauppi – The Exit Strategist – May 2012

Banking Woes:  Is Your Bank asking or forcing you to find another lender? (June 2011) Vince Shunksy

Beyond the Bottom Line – 80% of businesses create no economic value for their owners or our country (Aug 2011) by Vince Shunsky

National Middle Market Survey:  where private business owners stand (data are from 2011) – GE and Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University

Reaching the Summit and Returning Safely, Caleb J. Callahan, CFP, et al:

Selling Your Business – Groom or Hire Your Successor, by Dave Kauppi – The Exit Strategist, April 2012

Transition Means Change – by Wayne Vanwyck, The Achievement Centre

7 Myths That Advisors Have With Private Business Owners, by Josh Patrick, Stage2 Planning Partners (pdf)

Buy Sell Agreement:  Missed Opportunity to Tee up the Exit, by Dan Guglielmo, JD (pdf)

Minority Shareholder Rights – upon Exit – Exit Strategies for Minority Shareholders in Private Companies (Today’s CPA- Texas)

The Nun Study: How one scientist and 678 sisters are helping unlock the secrets of Alzheimer’s Disease, by Michael D. Lemonick and Alice Park Mankato; Time Magazine – May 18, 2001x