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Personal Transition Planning: New Opportunities for CPA’s and their Clients
By Jack Beauregard; SUMNEWS Newsletter of the Massachusetts Society of CPA’s Inc. – Spring 2010

Exit Planning for Architects, Best Practices After leaving Your Firm
By Jack Beauregard; Banker & Tradesman – March 24, 2008

The Nun Study: How one scientist and 678 sisters are helping unlock the secrets of Alzheimer’s Disease
By Michael D. Lemonick and Alice Park Mankato; Time Magazine – May 18, 2001



Strategic Acquisitions of Low to Mid-Market Businesses: Is Now a Good Time to Buy & What Are Some Considerations?
By Raymond Pucci, CBI – Oct 2009

The Business Sale Guide: Planning A Successful Exit From The Owner-Managed Business
By Sam Liss of The Coral Group



Retiring Minds
After decades of saving for retirement, baby boomers are about to start retiring. Now what?
By Kris Frieswick; Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine – August 2006

Loneliness Can Kill You
By Monte Burke; Forbes Magazine – August 24, 2009

The Selling of Retirement, And How We Bought It
By Marc Freedman; The Washington Post – February 6, 2005

How Good Data Leads to Bad Decisions
Why do many leaders base present decisions on past situations that seem analogous? Because they “mis-remember”. Making a decision based on historical precedent has numerous pitfalls and often, it is too late when you realize that the earlier situation was quite different from the current one. Although it’s beneficial to use past experiences and decisions, you need to understand how to make the best decisions given today’s situation.
By David Stauffer; Harvard Business Press – Dec 1, 2002

The Opposable Mind: How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking
By Roger Martin

The Age-Old Business Question: Sell, fix or liquidate?
By Sam Liss; Boston Business Journal – May 22, 2009