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The Purpose Program

7 Steps for Purposeful Living

While everyone sets the bar on the definition of “success” differently, we all want to achieve a purpose-filled life.

Our Purpose Program can help.

No matter what that looks like for you, wouldn’t you agree that living a life filled with purpose is the ultimate personal achievement?

And just because you’ve decided to sell your business or leave your career to embark on the next chapter of your life, the core desire to live purposefully doesn’t change. In fact, it deepens.

We’re developed a program called the 7 Steps for Purposeful Living with a goal to help you prepare for – and successfully achieve – a transition to this purposeful and fulfilling next stage of your life.

This program helps you be proactive – avoiding a reactive retirement – by learning the practical “how-to” steps to create a strategic life plan. It helps you find meaningful activities so you won’t feel bored and irrelevant, identifying lifestyle options that you never thought of before.

This is not about financial planning. It’s actually a “non-financial retirement plan” that identifies what’s really important to you and what you want to do next, so you can make sound life decisions.

This multi-part program includes recorded presentations, a workbook and exercises, giving you the tools to creates and purposeful new life, avoiding negative experiences such as:

Retirement Remorse

Happens when Baby Boomers don’t have a plan and don’t know what to do with all their free time they suddenly have, resulting in boredom, depression, and missing their old lives.

Retirement Rut

Baby Boomers that successfully left their companies or careers but didn’t plan what to do with their new lives.

Post-Transition Stress Disorder

(the “other” PTSD) – This is experienced by Baby Boomers who leave their company without proper planning. Symptoms include boredom, depression, poor life decisions and rash personal choices.

Gray Divorce

The divorce rate of people 50+ has tripled since 1990 to over 30% as Baby Boomer wives experience “full nest” syndrome when their husbands retire and are home 24/7.

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