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Finding Your New Owner: For Your Business, For Your Life


About the author:

After founding a successful surgical supply company that he built into a multi-million dollar business, Jack Beauregard created Innervisions Associates, an organizational transofrmation firm that has helped hundreds of business, health and educational leaders expand their thinking to open up new possibilities for themselves and their organizations.  Jack is now CEO of the Successful Transition Planning Institute, which he founded to teach his unique Integrative Transition Planning methods to help Baby Boomer business owners succesfully transition their companies to new owners and create meaninful, fulfilling new files. Jack is also a popular speaker who has presented his new paradigm Head-and-Hart approach nationally and internationally on radio, television and as a conference keynote speaker.

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A guide to new paradigm for baby boomer business owners.

Author: Jack Beauregard

If you’re a business owner over the age of 50 – this book could save your business, your wealth and your life. You may not believe it now, but you will leave your business someday.  Your choice is simple: plan for it on your terms or have others plan it for you.

By using the “Transition Thinking” that you will learn about in this book, plus the help of a “DreamTeam” of advisors that you’ll assemble, you can envision, plan and implement a successful transition to a new, dynamic life full of meaning and purpose. This book shows you how.

“Finding Your New Owner is a must-read for any business owner and his or her spouse or significant other. The book makes sense and is a call to action. I will certainly be recommending it to my clients.”

– Jerry Socol, Founder of The Socol Group, five-time CEO including a $900 million public company



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