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Nothing to do or nothing to live for?

Nothing to do or nothing to live for?

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cartoon - nothing to doby Paul Cronin, COO Successful Transition Planning Institute –

Each Sunday I like to read the Boston Globe cover to cover (the actual paper, not online).  Although I read a lot of online news, there is something about the ritual of reading a Sunday paper that I find irresistible.

A guilty pleasure

I also read the comics, even at age 53.  This week I laughed out loud at the cartoon “Non Sequitur” by Wiley.  It featured a series of images of a man is shoveling shapes in the snow, with the last image (left) showing the man’s work -“NOTHING TO DO”, while the man’s wife is saying, “Still having some trouble adjusting to retirement, dear?”  I imagine a lot of folks will find that funny, but how many do so with nervous laughter, wondering if that is what will become of them, if/when they retire – or in other words, ‘what will be the purpose of life?’

Which will you choose?

The harsh truth is we will all leave our careers/businesses someday, our only real choice is to plan for it on our terms, or let others plan it for us.  I am choosing to work until my mid-60’s and then slowly wind down.  Ideally, others younger than me will see the value in the work and make it their mission.  I will focus on more of the ten aspects of my life beyond “income-producing work”.  I want to travel and see more of the world, while we are healthy enough to enjoy it.  My life in The Platinum Years℠ will have Purpose, just as we talk about in the program 7 Steps for Purposeful Living.

But I have it easy

People often say to me when they hear my plan, ‘you have it easy, you’re a consultant, so you have more flexibility than I do; if I leave the firm, that’s it for me – then nothing’.  Hmm, I also have the ‘pleasure’ of never knowing how much money will come in; of having to manage QuickBooks, Adwords, HubSpot, WordPress, blogging, social media, networking, partners’ meetings, pitching for speaking gigs,  keeping the websites functioning, managing/motivating franchisees, etc., etc., etc..  (Why am I doing this all again? – oh right to pay the bills, and teach people to transform their lives – easy indeed).

Will your work and life be meaningful?

We keep working for many reasons, but doing so just to keep busy, shouldn’t be one of them, I think.  You can always keep busy, but will your activities and work be purposeful and meaningful?  If you’re unsure, what are you doing to make the next chapter of your life one of purpose and significance?

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