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Have you ever wondered how people successfully overcome fears?

  |   Baby Boomers, fears, retirement, selling a business

We all have fears. For high level professionals such as business owners, fears can hang up their ability to effectively leave/sell their business. That can be a costly price to pay, particularly for baby boomer business owners with a short runway to retirement.

A common one I see is “fear of an unknown future”.


I recommend answering these four questions instead of being frozen with fear:

1. What is causing this fear in you?

2. How does this fear have a negative impact on your thinking about or planning for your personal future?

3. What would you like to think, feel or do instead of having this fear?

4. What Positive Statement can you use to counter this fear?

Now, here are some examples of answers to each of these questions:

1. Lack of experience with the issue, or not having a plan to deal with the issue.

2. Making me feel stuck or frozen.

3. Knowing that I can create a plan after speaking with others who have faced similar situations, or a coach who helps people like me.

4. I will speak with others who have experience with this issue and then create a plan that I will execute.

There are many ways to counterbalance (overcome) fears, but this one works for my clients (and me too).


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